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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Winter Olympics in which sport do competitors throws rocks?
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In which winter olympic sport do competitors throw rocks?


In which winter olympique event do the competitors trow rocks?

curling is the olympique event where the compititors trow rocks.

In which competition do competitors throw rocks?

extreme singingdw

Why in curling they call the people throwing the fifth and sixth rocks thirds?

They are the third player to throw rocks for the team. The "lead" throws the 1st and 2nd rocks, the "second" throws the 3rd and 4th rocks, the "third" throws the 5th and 6th rocks, and the "skip" throws the 7th and 8th rocks. The third is also sometimes called the "vice skip," because the third acts as skip while the skip is throwing his (or her) rocks.

In Lord of the Flies who throws rocks at Henry?

Roger throws rocks at Henry, foreshadowing Roger crushing Piggy with a boulder later in the book.

Why is Vancouver hosting the Olympics?

Because it rocks.

What does the second do for curling?

The second shoots (or "throws") his team's 3rd and 4th rocks, and sweeps for all the other players' rocks. The second is usually asked to throw draws (rocks that are supposed to come to rest in the house to score points) after the lead throws guards (rocks in front of the house for other rocks to hide behind)

Why are there more men in the Olympics then woman?

kyla rocks and always will

What were there rewards in th ancient Olympics?

They would get rocks shaped as Zeus

How does roger behave toward Henry in chapter 4 lord of the flies?

he throws rocks at him

What does Jenny from Forrest Gump say when she throws rocks at her house?

She doesn't say anything.

Are snakes dormant in Winter?

no they ussually live under rocks and stuff

In the winter this process happens in the rocks in countryside what is the name of this process?


Who came second in olympics Beijing 2008?


Do newts hibernate in the winter if so where?

Yes, newts do hibernate in the winter months. They hibernate on land under rocks or logs.

In the winter this process happens to rocks in the countryside. what is the name of this process?


What happens to the rocks of the Grand Canyon in Winter time?

The rocks stay put - they have been in the weather for thousands of years. For the most part, the rocks will be in the same place next year.

What if your neighbor's kid throws rocks at your house what do you do?

Tell the parents of the kid. I'm sure they'll disipline the kid.

Second winter of Lewis and clarks expidition?

Fort Clatsop 4 grade rocks

When roger throws rocks at Henry why was he aimed to hit?

Roger did throw rocks at Henry but as the book mentions, he doesn't dare to throw the rocks close enough to actually hit Henry. This shows us that there are still some hints from the civilization.

What are some effects of underwater volcanoes?

It explodes, creates tidal waves and throws rocks around. Trust me ;) im a volcano :)

Where do snails go in winter?

Snails hibernate in the Winter months. They hide under rocks, in crevices, and even burrow several inches under the soil.

What is double trap shooting?

Double trap shooting is where the thrower throws 2 rocks at the same time instead of just 1.

How do wild horses receive minerals?

They lick the minerals from rocks during the winter, and they dig up grass.

Which sport played on ice uses brooms rocks and sliders?

Curling. a traditional American sport that is popular and was played in the Olympics