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what do u mean PERCENTAGE? it depends whos playing the certain position.

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Q: Wing attack and wing defence percentage of a netball court?
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Including referees how many people are on a netball pitch in a game?

On a netball court there are 7 people on each team, which means fourteen players are on court.There is the goal shoot,goal attack,goal defence,goal keep,centre,wing attack and wing defence. On a netball court there are fourteen players, then there are the referees: there are usually 2 of them. So all together there are 16 people on the court

How many people play on court in netball?

AnswerThere are 7 players on the netball court from each team the positions are: Goal defence, wing Defence, Goal Attack, Centre, Wing attack, Goal Keeper and Goal Shooter. it is probably best that you have 9 players, 2 sub's incase of injuries.

What does WD andWA mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence and WA is short for Wing Attack, which are both positions on court.

How many people on a netball court during a game?

There are 14 players on a netball court whilst playing a game, 7 on each team GA (goal attack) GS (goal shooter) WA (wing attack) GD (goal defence) GK (goal keeper) WD (wing defence) C (center)

What are the positions on a netball court?

The positions in netball are GS (goal shooter), GA (goal attack), WA (wing attack), C (center), WD ( wing defence) , GD (goal defence), and lastly GK (goal keeper! If you don't play netball I think you should because it is a fun sport and I love it and you have lots of fun!!!!!

What are the playing positions on the court when playing netball?

Goal Keeper (GK) Goal Defence (GD) Wing Defence (WD) Center (C) Wing Attack (WA) Goal Attack (GA) Goal Shooter (GS)

What is the limit of people on a netball court?

there are 7 people on each netball team which makes the limit 14. the positions are: GS=GOAL SHOOTER GK=GOAL KEEPER GA=GOAL ATTACK GD=GOAL DEFENCE WA=WING ATTACK WD=WING DEFENCE C=CENTER

What does the Goal Defense do in netball?

In netball, GD (goal defence) defends the goal attack and trys to stop them getting the ball down the court. If the goal attack gets the ball into the circle and under the ring then the goal defence must defend him/her and attempt to catch the rebound if the shot misses. The goal defence must then help to pass the ball back down the court to their attacking team members.

What does WD mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence, a position on court.

Where does gd in netball go?

well gd is goal defence. so the goal defence stands beside the oppnents goal attack and makes sure the ball does not go on their side it goes on your side of the court

Who are the players on a netball team?

The players on a Netball Team are: GS- Goal shooter GA- Goal Attack WA- Wing attack C-Centre WD- wing defence GK- Goal keeper GD- Goal defence There are 14 on the court at a time. There are 7 on each team with usually 2-3 substitutes.

How many netball players are on the court?

there are 7 players on each team: Goal Keeper (GK) Goal Defence (GD) Wing Defence (WD) Center (C) Wing Attack (WA) Goal Attack (GA) Goal Shooter (GS)

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