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Buying Wilson prostaff clubs because you've been playing for 6 months doesn't matter. What matters, is if a particular set of clubs are good for you, not your skill level. There are people who have been playing for decades and are playing the wrong clubs for them.

For example; A lot of people play clubs with graphite shafts because they think that the clubs are more expensive they must be better. Graphite is not better than steel, graphite was made for the senior golfer or the female golfer, because the shafts are lighter and it will help them gain more club head speed, hence a little more distance.

Is the head a cavity back (more forgiving on off center hits), better for the beginner, or is the head a blade style (more workability with your shots) suited for the better golfer.

do you hit the ball really high, then you should get clubs that have a thick topline, they are more weighted towards the top of the club it will help keep the balls down, do you have problems getting the ball up in the air, then get a club that's more weighted towards the bottom, helps get the ball up quicker.

Are the clubs too long or too short for you, get them fitted for length.

These are just a few scenario's, the most important thing to know about clubs is that the shaft is the engine of the car, the car make look pretty but if it has a crappy engine it won't perform for you. Put a great engine in a crappy car and she'll still go like hell, the same idea with clubs. So it doesn't matter what you buy, skill really has nothing to do with it, go out and demo or hit a bunch of clubs and you'll know when you swing that one that just feels right.

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They are indeed very good clubs. But as with all such goods it is a personal preference.

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No there the worst I suggest Wilson skinny shafts

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They are great. I have one of my own and it hasn't broken yet.

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Q: Wilson prostaff golf clubs are they a good choice for a man who is just playing golf for a little over 6 months?
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