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Q: Wilma Rudolph and her 4 kids and husband PICTRUE?
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What is Wilma Rudolph's husband's name?

Wilma Rudolph's husband's name is Robert eldridge, but they later divorced when they had 4 kids.

When did Wilma Rudolph's kids die?

no they have not

Did Wilma Rudolph have kids?

yes 4

Does Wilma Rudolph have her own kids?


What fraction of Wilma Rudolph's kids were girls?


Who are Wilma Rudolph sisters and brothers?

Wilma Rudolph was the 20th of 22 children born to Ed and Blanche Rudolph.So far, the following names have been verified as the names of Wilma Rudolph's brothers and sisters:Yolanda: older sisterWesley/Westly: brotherCharlene: sisterWilma Rudolph had 22 brothers and sisters. She was the 20th of the 22. Her dad had 11 kids in his first marriage and then had 8 more kids with Wilma's mom, Blanche.

Is Wilma Rudolph's kids alive?

they are all married nd are in tenesse i think.

How many kids did Wilma Rudolph have?

Yolanda (b. 1958), Djuanna (b. 1964), Robert Jr. (b. 1965) and Xurry (b. 1971).Yolanda Eldridge (daughter), Dijuana Eldridge (daughter), Robert Eldridge, JR. (son), Xurry Eldridge (son)

How many boys did Wilma Rudolph have?

the kids names were Yolanda ,Djuanna,Robert Jr,Xurry so what do you think the kids names are?

Did Wilma Rudolph get marreid?

Yes, Wilma Rudolph did get married to her high school sweet heart Robert Eldridge. She had four kids(in order of birth): Yolanda, Djuana, Robert Jr., and Xurry

Do Wilma Rudolph have any kids?

Yes she had 4 children named, Yolanda, Djuanna, Robert Jr., and Xurry.

Wilma Mankiller's kids?

she had 5 kids