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Q: Will your bike run better without the baffles?
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Can you drive a motorcycle without the baffles in the exhaust?

it is possible to ride your motorcycle without the baffles in the exhaust, but there are a few side effects from doing so. the bike will probably backfire and pop when revving or getting off of the throttle. also you may need to retune your carburator. the bike needs some kind of back pressure, so if your drilling out the baffles don't do so completely. without backpressure it'll run like S@#T.

What will happen to the engineif you run without any baffles?

What year, what model? How long are the pipes and what size diameter? However, if you hear a pinging sound when you are at crusing speed, you are damaging your engine and need baffles. If you run without baffles, the pipes need to be a suggested 40 inchs long, so that cold air (not hot is cold) can not reach the valves.

What is the best way to make a small four stroke bike louder?

if possible take the baffles out of the pipe but just don't run a straight pipe that is not good for your Exhaust Valves

Is it bad to ride a dirt bike with no muffler?

It is not bad to run it without a muffler with a straight pipe. But remember the louder it is doesn't necessarily mean the better the performance.

How do you run superbike 2000 without CD?

I think you run a superbike by running a super bike?

Will not using baffles in a exhaust hurt the motor?

no but it wil be loud and you may have to adjust the air mixture screws in the carbs to compensate for the more free flow but run and ride it first and then you should do a plug check and see how it runs but it should be fine what kind of bike is it on

Can you drill out the baffles on your 2008 883 sportster custom mufflers at the rear of the muffler or do you need a longer narrower drill to drill them out about 12 from the back?

Most Harley Davidson mufflers have "2" sets of baffles. one in the rear and one in the front close to the location where the muffler meets the head pipe. I have found the best wat to remove these is to remove the mufflers, stand them on end on a padded surface ) a few towels will do) and use a piece of galvanized plumbing pipe and a hammer and knock the baffles in until they are flat against the inside of the muffler. But, if you remove the baffles you will also need to increase the flow of gas to the valves or you will burn them out. The Vance and Hines Fuelpack or the Harley CD download ( dealer only) will do the trick. The bike will run so much better once you let it breath. Good Luck

2003 harley sportster 1200 without baffles in stock pipes will run for about 30 35 min then backfires and dies in one hour it will start back up?

If you have taken the Baffles out you need to also install a high flow air filter and adjust and/or re-jet the carb to match. if you have done this, it may be electrical, possible the coil. If it only started this after taking the baffles out try putting baffles back in. if you change the exhaust flow you must also change the intake to match. If the problem is electrical , I believe your pickup sensor " behind cover that used to have points" , is going bad .You ,can check this by starting the bike and point hair dryer at point cover. If your engine pops and goes dead within 3 or 4 minutes with hair dryer on high you will need to change the sensor.

Is it illegal for a runner to run in a bike lane?

No. More people run on the bike path by my house then ride their bike on it.

Do you run strait gas in a dirt bike?

if you have a 4stroke dirt bike you run straight gas ,if you have a 2stroke dirt bike you run mixed gas

Why is your lifan 125 pit bike smoking to much?

Clean your air filter and it should run better, and smokeless

Can you run a four stroke bike without an end can?

you can but it will only damage your valves and make short life of your engine