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The Answer is lighter because it will be easyer to use and its not holding you down.

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Q: Will you shoot a lacrosse ball faster with heavy or light stick?
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Is Lacrosse faster than basketball?

kinda. it all depends on what position you play in lacrosse. lacrosse is faster because of the posistion of middie and attack they are the ones on the team that run notice how basketball players stop and dribble then shoot or pass lacrosse is always running cause of defence and the shots of lacrosse will beat bball anyday

How do you get a faster shot in lacrosse?

you have to get stronger. im a freshmen in hs and play girls lax and i can shoot about 70mph. and lots of practice

How do you get a goal in lacrosse?

You shoot the ball into the net.

How do you break in a new lacrosse net?

umm shoot on it....

How do you shoot a lacrosse ball harder?

get bigger muscles

What did the coastal miwok play for fun?

lacrosse and shoot in a hoop

How do you score points in Lacrosse?

u shoot ball in net

Which action is takin by an offense player in the game of lacrosse?

The offensive players try and shoot the ball into the lacrosse goal

How do you add whip to a lacrosse stick?

You make the shooting strings looser so you can throw down. Also, if you have whip you will shoot faster so loosen your shooting strings now.

Is a bullet faster than light?

No. Guns usually shoot at the speed of 896 per hour, which far less than that of light.

Which is a better bullet heavy grain or light grain?

No one answer to your question. I shoot light .243 bullets for groundhogs, heavier bullets for deer. All other things being equal, the lighter bullet can be driven faster, but the heavier bullet will retain energy at long range better.

Does a light arrow or a heavy arrow have more kinetic energy?

The kinetic energy of the arrow is dependent on its weight and the speed at which it is launched. if you use one bow to fire two different sized arrows, they will both have the SAME kinetic energy. a heavy arrow will shoot slower but hit harder while the light arrow will fly faster but wont impact as hard.

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