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What do you mean you guys? We're not Johnny Ace. Mr. Heath (Gangrel) lives in my town and he is always jogging. If I asked him, he would probrably say no because WWE said that the Wrestling industury has grown out of Vampires.

AnswerI meant to ask will the WWE rehire Gangrel? If I offended you in anyway I'm Sorry AnswerI read that he was going to come back arould the same time Viscera did, but his back was injured before he had a chance. If his back can be fixed up, maybe WWE will consider it. Oh, to the 1st person that answered this question: Why do you beleave Vampires aren't what fans want?! Lot's of fans like watching thr Undertaker (with or without Paul Bearer) and Kane, which are one step above a Vampire. I'd like to see him return for a short time, and from reading other question on this site, beleave I'm not alone an wanting Gangrel back. AnswerI said that because Johnny Ace reported that the wrestling buisness has grown out of the vampire stage. That's not my inturpritation. Interppp..r..whatever. I talk to him on a weekly basis. He now is working Indy events.
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Q: Will you guys ever rehire Gangrel?
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Will gangrel ever return to WWE?

sadly, it looks as though he won't :(

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he was injured when he was tomstoned by taker because Gangrel came back with viscera to anbush undertaker but the injury which Gangrel have wasn't in proper condition Gangrel-over 200 do the math. Because Gangrel could only ever be a midcarder, Viscera is a legend he is hysterical. He has been in great feuds such as his early 2000 feud with Mark Henry which culminated in an entertaining match. Gangrel was offered a contract, and was working out a deal with Vince but he injured his back in a Indy match. Also, Gangrel is 300 lbs., not 200. And calling Viscera a legend is just plain idiotic. Yes, I like him, but still, a legend? Viscera was never as popular as Gangrel, even when he used the name Mabel and won the King of the Ring. However, it's not the end for a Gangrel comeback, but it will probaly take another 6-8 months. Because Viscera can sit on people and Gangrel can't he was offerd a shot but he didnt want it.visera took the shotand was a wwe supper star

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