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=No way. Youhave to take Ballet before pointe. If you don't you will get bad would get hurt badly and might even some serious injuries. Injuries that will be with you the rest of your life. I gurantee you wouldn't even find anyone who would teach you without experiece.==I have been taking ballet for about 8 years. I am just starting pointe now. I am a very advanced dancer. 12 years old. In the highest class. And I'm now starting pointe. So you need to have at least 5 years before you start.=

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Q: Will you be able to start on pointe lessons without learning ballet?
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Iam going to tryout for a middle school dance team should i have pointed ballet shoes with out lessons?

you should never go on pointe not knowing how to use them. When you do ballet lessons it strenghtens your ankles so if you have never had a dance lesson DON'T go on pointe as there is a risk of injuryalso you have to make sure to get them fitted properly and have the right protection. so my advice is not to have pointe shoes unless you have ballet lessons and yourteacher has said you can.

What outfit does a ballerina wear?

In class/lessons you would most likely wear a leotard with ballet-pink stockings and ballet slippers or pointe shoes. If you were performing you would wear a tutu with stockings and Pointe shoes. You don't always wear pointe shoes, sometimes you wear ballet shoes/slippers.

What is ballet called when it's not en pointe?

"En pointe" refers to dancing in pointe shoes. Non-pointe ballet shoes are demi-pointe shoes, and the dancing is "en demi-pointe".

What are ballet shoes?

Ballet shoes are either slippers for practising or pointe shoes. Which, after a girl goes through pre-pointe possibly for one year, they can get pointe shoes then perform pointe! Guys do where ballet slippers but they do not go on pointe

Are pointe shoes worn in ballet?

Yes. In fact, ballet is the reason pointe shoes were invented.

What color are ballet pointe shoes?

Your normal sort of in class ballet pointe shoes colour is satin pink.

What is a famous ballet shoes?

pointe shoes? or ballet flats?

What is pointe in ballet?

It means to go on pointe shoes or tip-toes.

What is pre ballet?

Do by pre-ballet you mean pre-pointe? Because Pre-Pointe is the lesson that is provided to Pointe ballet dancers that are not yet ready to wear or perform in pointe shoes. Commonly the class is the same if not similar to regular pointe class, the only difference is that the dancer wears regular ballet shoes and performs on demi pointe. Basically, pre-pointe is the class that readies your feet and legs for the strength and skill needed to perform in Pointe Shoes.

What is the pointe technique in ballet?

Pointe work is the part in ballet when the dancer balances their weight and body on the tips of their toes. Consequently, pointe technique is the practicing the technique of this skill.

Can you take pointe without any experience?

No.Your supposed to take ballet for a couple of years. Pointe requires a lot of strength in the toes, feet, and legs. If you were to just put on pointe shoes and start dancing, you would have the risk of injuring yourself greatly. But if you have ballet experience, then pointe would be okay to try.

Do you need a pointe license to get points in ballet?


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