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The guy's neck is broken. I don't think he's going to return with a broken neck.

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Q: Will world wrestling entertainment superstar edge return to world wrestling entertainment?
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Was Jeff hardy a world wrestling entertainment superstar?


What does WWE superstar mvp stand for?

WWE superstar MVP: World Wrestling Entertainment superstar most valued player

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Who is the best superstar and diva of the World Wrestling Entertainment?

hulk hogan the hulkster and trish stratus

In what year did the World Wide Wrestling Entertainment begain?

1st of all, its not "World Wide Wrestling Entertainment" Its Just World Wrestling Entertainment.

What happened to the World Wrestling Entertainment superstar The Undertaker?

The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark William Calaway, is still wrestling. In 2009, he won his third World Heavyweight Champion title. Though he was injured during a fight in 2010, he plans to return to the ring in 2011.

What is Jon Cena most famous for?

John Cena is most famous for wrestling. John Cena has had a lot of success in professionally wrestling for the World Wrestling Entertainment company and is thus a WWE superstar.

What is the purpose of wrestling?

The Meaning Of wwe (World Wrestling Entertainment) Is Entertainment

How much money do World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers earn monthly?

it depends on how popular the superstar is. Usually a couple hundred thousand

Was world wrestling entertainment rated r?

No,if you got that idea because Edge is called the 'rated r superstar',its just his nickname

What does 'WWE' stand for?

In Entertainment, Like Wrestling, it stands for World Wrestling Entertainment

How many matches has world wrestling entertainment superstar Batista played?

Well it's wrestled in, not played in and far too many to count.

When is Triple H returning 2011?

World Wrestling Entertainment already announced, the return of the game Triple H. The game Triple H returns to World Wrestling Entertainment in February 28, 2011 Monday night Raw.

How many wrestlers are there that have joined world wrestling entertainment this year?

zero wrestlers have joined world wrestling entertainment this year.

Will rhino return to WWE?

Rhyno also known as Rhino had a great career in World Wrestling Entertainment. He also worked for Total Nonstop Action wrestling. However, World Wrestling Entertainment may not want to take Rhino anymore. In future WWE could appoint him for wrestlers development.

Where do you get wrestling belts?

world wrestling entertainment (WWE) Stores

What is the most popular sport entertainment in the world?


What was WWE World Wrestling Entertainment originally known as?

WWF - World Wrestling Federation. World Wildlife Foundation had already taken the name WWF, so they had to change to WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment.

When is world wrestling entertainment's boogie-man coming back?

He was released from the company, and at this moment in time is not scheduled or Contracted to return

What is the ticker symbol for World Wrestling Entertainment?

The ticker symbol for World Wrestling Entertainment is WWE and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What does WWE stand for in wrestling?

WWE stands for: "World Wrestling Entertainment".

Were do WWE superstars buy their wrestling boots from?

World wrestling entertainment

What is W.W.E.?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. And before that it was WWF (World Wrestling Federation)

Is WWE a type of a movie or the performance are actually real?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, note the word entertainment. No the wrestling is not realy although they do quite a good job performing it WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, note the word entertainment. No the wrestling is not realy although they do quite a good job performing it

What does w stand for in wrestling?

there is two w's world wrestling then no e entertainment