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Possibly, World Wrestling Entertainment might conduct a wrestling match between the living legend The Undertaker and his dark side younger brother Kane at WrestleMania XXVII.

As we already know, The Undertaker defeated Kane twice in WrestleMania main events. In other words, The Undertaker defeated Kane at WrestleMania XIV and also at WrestleMania XX to protect his undefeated Streak at WrestleMania.

This Year, The Undertaker surely offers a match to Kane at WrestleMania XXVII. Kane defeated The Undertaker in Hell In a Cell match at Hell In a Cell 2010 pay per view. Similarly, Kane also defeated his brother The Undertaker in Buried Alive Match at Bragging Rights 2010 pay per view.

However, the death will raise to send Kane to rest in peace. This match might be taken place at grand stage WrestleMania XXVII. However there is no guarantee about this match. We wish to see Kane Vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 27.

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2011-01-03 01:23:52
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Q: Will undertaker vs Kane at WrestleMania xxvii?
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It is Undertaker

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in Vs. Undertaker part of Road to Wrestlemania

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undertaker vs HHH undertaker vs Kane Kane vs mvp

Will Triple H face undertaker at wrestlemania xxvii?

Maybe. I hope so :) Would be a great payback after the streak vs career match against HBK.

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Who won undertaker vs HHH WrestleMania 27?

The Undertaker won by a submission

Is big show record at WrestleMania is 1-8?

No, Big Show's Wrestlemania record is 3 wins and 8 losses(1>Wrestlemania XV vs Mankind, lost), 2>Wrestlemania 2000 vs Triple H, Mick Foley and The Rock for the WWE Championship, lost), 3>Wrestlemania X-Seven vs Kane and Raven for Hardcore Championship, lost), 4>Wrestlemania XIX vs The Undertaker (with A-Train), lost),5>Wrestlemania XX vs John Cena for the US Championship, lost), 6>Wrestlemania 21 vs Akebono in a sumo match, lost), 7>Wrestlemania 22 vs Chris Masters and Carlito (with Kane) for the World Tag Team Championships, won), 8>Wrestlemania XXIV vs Floyd Mayweather, lost), 9>Wrestlemania XXV vs John Cena and Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, lost), 10>Wrestlemania XXVI vs John Morrison and R-Truth for Unified Tag Team Championships (with The Miz), won) and 11>Wrestlemania XXVII vs The Corre (Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson and Heath Slater)(with Kane, Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella), won.)

When will undertaker return after Bragging Rights?

yes he will return to wwei am wwe general managerHe wont be back for a while as hes injured, but the news is at Wrestlemania it will be Kane Vs. Undertaker, and Kane will win as Undertaker wants to retire now that hes married to Michelle McCool, and the only person he wants to retire him is his "brother" Kane.

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