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Undertaker may return at summerslam not unforgiven

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Q: Will undertaker return at unforgiven
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Where can you download the different promos for undertaker return at unforgiven?

Answer Youtube.

When will Undertaker return from his bicep injury?

He will face Mark Henry at Unforgiven 2007

Was Undertaker at WWE Unforgiven 2008?

The Undertaker was at Unforgiven and was destroyed by The Big Show.

Where is mark callaway aka WWE's Undertaker?

he is healing injuries and he will return to summerslam or maybe at breaking point (better known as unforgiven)

When is bobby lashley return?

at unforgiven 2008

Who Thinks Undertaker Will Return then Answer you?

i think he will return because the undertaker said ''i will always return''.

Did the undertaker and mark Henry fight on summerslam?

lemme think.... ummm... nope. They fought at Unforgiven and that was the first match after The Undertaker returned.

Did Undertaker win at Unforgiven?

Yes he pinned mark Henry after last ride out of the corner.

When is the undertaker going to return to WWE?

I think undertaker will return at royal rumble or at wreslemaina !

Will the undertaker return in 2010?

the undertaker is going to return in 2010 because Kane and the nxus burid the dead man the undertaker and

When is the Undertaker to return?

The Undertaker returned at SummerSlam of 2008.

When Will be undertaker return?


Will the undertaker return as the biker undertaker?

The Undertaker took time off but returned to WWE.

Does undertaker return in wrestlemania27?

no never he wont and he will not return

When is undertaker coming back in 2009?

The Undertaker Is Coming Back In SEPTEMBER 9, 19 , 2009 but If I,m Wrong Then At Either The Next ROYALRUMBLE or NO WAY OUT or UNFORGIVEN $#@& yOu aLL!!!!!!!

When will the undertaker return to wrestling?

The Undertaker is schelduled to come back at Summerslam

When will the undertaker return to the WWE?

The Undertaker is scheduled to reappear at Summer Slam.

Will undertaker return at summersalm?

No he won't.. Because Undertaker is DEAD [R.I.P.] ;(

Will the undertaker return at 2.1.12?

they say that undertaker may return. its up to him though, so if he doesnt decide if he wants to return he wont. undertaker MAY NOT return because of how serious the injury was but there is never a correct answer. BUT MOST LIKELY YES.

When will undertaker return to WWE?


Will undertaker return to WWE?


When is the undertaker going to return?


Will undertaker return to smackdown?


When does undertaker return?

In every Wrestlemania.

When will the undertaker return from injury?