Will titleist wedges be illegal

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The Titleist R and D department will have been very careful to stick to any guidelines regards wedges and all clubs for that matter, more than likely they will be legal.

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Q: Will titleist wedges be illegal
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Where could one purchase Titleist Wedges from online?

There are many places where one can purchase Titleist Wedges online. One can purchase these from the official Titleist website or other golf related retailers. One may also purchase these from online retailers such as Amazon.

Most played wedges on PGA tour?

Probably the Titleist Vokey Spin milled cc.

Is Titleist a good brand of Golf Clubs?

yes i have found that titleist makes some of the best wedges. for drivers i personally like either callaway or nike, and for putters i like ping or odessey. callaway and titleist balls are usually very good as well

What sort of clubs does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses these clubs: his driver is the Titleist 975D, his 3 wood is the Titleist PT 15, his irons (2-PW) are the Titleist Tour Forgings (681), his wedges are the Vokey 258-08 and Vokey 260-06, and his putter is a one-of-a-kind Scotty Cameron by Titleist . He uses Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips.

When was Titleist created?

Titleist was created in 1932.

Is there any truth that Titleist golf balls lose their round shape after use?

The covers will become scratched after a few holes due to the sharp grooves on wedges, but it would take a high number of rounds before they lose their shape. The first Pro V 1's and the old Titleist Tour Balatas used to lose their shape.

How much does Tiger Woods make from titleist?

Absolutely zero. He is not sponsored by Titleist. He only uses a Scotty Cameron putter which is under the Titleist brand, but he does so out of choice.

Models of putters that titleist ever made?

Titleist dead center model SP-201UP

Why does wwwpgatourcom only show when players use titleist golf ball?

This is because Titleist has agreements in place with PGATOUR.COM and The Golf channel that they will indicate which players use a Titleist ball.

Is the titleist Pro V1 a 3 or 4 piece golf ball?

The Titleist Pro V 1 is a 3 piece ball. The Titleist Pro V 1x is a 4 piece ball.

What does NXT mean on a titleist golf ball?

That is just the name of the ball, the NXT ball is one of Titleist products.

What degree is the titleist AP1 wedge?

50 Degrees The club that has "W" on the bottom. (Titleist AP1 iron set)

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