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there might be a 50 50 chance

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Q: Will the ny jets win the super bowl?
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How many times did the NY jets win in the Super Bowl?

One time, in super bowl 3 over the Baltimore Colts

Did the NY Jets ever win the super bowl?

Super Bowl 3 - January 12, 1969They defeated the Baltimore Colts 16-7.

How many times have NY Jets been in Super Bowl?


How many super bowl ring do the NY jets have?


Who was the NY jets QB in there super bowl win?

Weeb Ewbank was the head coach for the New York Jets in the 1969 Super Bowl III.

Which NFL player guaranteed his team would win in Super bowl 3 the week before the game?

Joe Namath of the NY Jets.

Who was the first nfl football team to win a Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers won what were retrospectively named Super Bowl I and II, but then they were named the NFL-AFL championship game. The NY Jets were the first team to win a Super Bowl when it was called the Super Bowl.

How many times have the NY jets one a super bowl?

They have only won once in Super Bowl 3 in 1969

How many time ny jets been in super bowl?

Once in 1969.

When was the last time the NY jets won the Super Bowl?

The New York Jets won their last and only Super Bowl in 1969, beating the Baltimore Colts 16-7.

Was there a player on the 1968 NY Jets team that did not play in the super bowl?

Based on the NFL roster reports, every member of the 1968 New York Jets played in Super Bowl III.

When was the last time the Jets played in the Super Bowl?

The Jets one and only appearance in the Super Bowl was January 12, 1969 against the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. The Jets defeated the Colts 16-7.