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No, they were renamed to Brooklyn Nets

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Q: Will the new jersey nets be renamed to new york nets?
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How many New Jersey nets championships?

The New York Nets won two in the ABA, but the New Jersey Nets have zero.

What NBA team does Jay-Z OWn?

Jay-Z is a part owner of the New Jersey Nets. alot of people confuse the NEW JERSEY NETS to the NEW YORK NETS but theres no such thing as the ''NEW YORK NETS''

Why are the New Jersey Nets in New York and not New Jersey Shouldn't the team play at least in there home state?

As of the 07-08 NBA season, the New Jersey Nets still play in New Jersey. Actually, the New Jersey Nets were called the New York Nets early in their history from 1968-1977, and during that time, their home arenas were located on Long Island. If the New Jersey Nets move to Brooklyn like they plan to, they will probably rename themselves the New York Nets like they were named before. They also would market themselves as one of New York City's teams to compete with the New York Knicks, who are their biggest competition.

How many championships have new jersey nets won?

the new york nets have won 14 championships

How did the Brooklyn Nets get their name?

The Jersey Americans first became the New York Nets when they moved to Long Island in 1968. When the moved to New Jersey in 1977, they became the New Jersey Nets. Finally, in 2012, when they moved to Brooklyn, they took the name Brooklyn Nets.

Which colony renamed new Netherland and new Amsterdam?

new York and new jersey

When was the Port authority of New York and New Jersey founded?

The Port Authority of New York was founded in April 1921. It was later renamed the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

What teams did Phil Jackson play for?

New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets

Where do the New Jersey Nets play their home games?

The Nets currently play their home games in the Prudential Center, located in Newark, New Jersey. They are planning to move to Brooklyn, New York in 2012.

What are the professional sports franchises in Brooklyn, New York now?

The New Jersey Nets are set to become the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Nets in the near future, the first major professional sports team to play in the ... Although there are no franchises solely tied to Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Cyclones are a New York Mets affiliate. There is a proposal to move the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, but only time will tell the outcome of that.

Which NBA teams started in the ABA?

Denver Nuggets San Antonio Spurs New Jersey Nets (formerly New York Nets) Indiana Pacers

Are the New Jersey Nets moving to Brooklyn New York?

Yes, they are building a new stadium in Brooklyn.

Do jay z own the New York Knicks?

No. He is part owner with the New Jersey Nets

Are the New Jersey nets professional?

The New Jersey Nets are a professional basketball team

What are the best sports teams in New Jersey?

1 of em is New Jersey Nets nets in new jersey

Whats sports team starts with n?

The New Jersey Nets The New York Nicks

Who is the coach of the New Jersey Nets?

Avery Johnson is the head coach of the NBA's New Jersey Nets.

Does Jay Z own NY knicks?

No,he does not owe the New York Knicks but he owes part of the Brooklyn Nets that is why instead of the New Jersey Nets it is now the Brooklyn Nets because Jay-Z bought a part of it.

Is New Jersey and New York in new Netherlands?

No because New York used to be called New Netherlands in 1664 before the English renamed it New York in honor o the Duke of York which is a city in England.

What are the 3 pro basketball teams that have the word New in their name?

New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, and New Orleans Hornets

In what year did Phil Jackson play?

He was in the New York Knicks from 1967-1978 and New Jersey Nets 1978-1980.

NBA team from New Jersey?

New Jersey Nets

Who will be the next coach of the New Jersey Nets?

Avery Johnson is the current head coach of the NBA's New Jersey Nets.

What is the hometown city of the basketball team the New Jersey Nets?

The Meadowlands Sports Complex, home of the NBA's New Jersey Nets, is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Where do the New Jersey Nets practice?

New Jersey Nets Practice Facility 651465 Alvin Rd. Bufferstown, NJ 07895