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I can't understand but ill try and answer, as a Habs fan I think that Montreal does have a chance of making it as far as the Conference finals (at most) because of the defenders returning from injury (Markov & Gorges) also because Montreal has alot of clutch performers, especially Michael Cammalleri (he got 10 points in 7 games against the Bruins) and the strong play from Carey Price in net. I however do not think that Montreal can quite reach the Finals let alone win it because they are alot of teams in the East who are also possible Stanley Cup winners and are prepared to play dirty (Boston, Philly) and also get away with it (thanks Bettman). Though in the future as Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Eller, Desharnais, Yemelin all grow and improve I think we'll have a shot at #25

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The Canadians can not make the playoffs because they are last in there conference.

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Q: Will the habs make the playoffs this year?
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