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I wouldn't think so. Football teams don't change tradition too often. Plus, who would want a yellow jersey?

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Q: Will the University of Michigan football team ever go to yellow jerseys?
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What are football colors of university of Michigan?

The colors of U of M are maize and blue. The mascot is the wolverine.

Which college football team had the ugliest uniforms?

Definitely Oregon. Why, because they have jerseys that don't even have their colors. Their really ugly jerseys are lime green and bright yellow, black and silver, foggy black and yellow, yellow and black and the list just go's on.

What is Michigan state university's colors?

Officially: Maize Yellow and Azure Blue are the school colors for the University of Michigan

What colors are Minnesota Vikings jerseys?

The Minnesota Vikings are a football team. The jerseys are purple, white and yellow. This tam is a highly valued team for many communities, they doe charity events for kids and raise money for other events.

What colors are the packers jerseys?

Green & Yellow

What are the colors of the football team for roger Williams university?

yellow and green since 1935

What helmet do the Oregon Ducks wear with their yellow jerseys?

The Oregon Ducks usually wear their black helmets with the yellow jerseys but they can do whatever they want. They have so many combination's!

What color is University of Texas Football jersey?

Navy and Yellow i think that's what you meant cal is navy and yellow sometimes yellow and navy

What colour kit do Bolton football club play in?

Bolton's home jerseys are white with blue shorts and blue on the left shoulder, and they away kit is black with tiny bits of yellow on it.

What is Spain's football team colours?

It is Maroon jersey and green shorts. the colors of their flag.

What are the colours of the LA kings hockey team?

There jerseys now are just black and white There jerseys in 2006-07 where back and white and purple There jerseys in 1998-99 where black and white There jerseys in 1967-68 where yellow and purple They also have two alternate jersey one is black white and blue and the other jersey is purple and yellow

Why do the packers wear yellow pants with uniform?

There colors are yellow and green......there jerseys are green and pants yellow..because there colors are those colors.