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No, the Toronto Maple Leafs did not make the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2011.

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Q: Will the Toronto maple leafs win the Stanley cup in 2011?
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Who has dropped the Stanley Cup?

Jacob Mackinnon of the Toronto maple Leafs dropped it on the 2011 finals

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs going to win the stanley cup in 2011-2012 season?

No, they will be lucky if they make the playoffs.

Who is Toronto Maple Leaf captains?

Dion Phaneuf is the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Who is the assistant captain on the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2011?

Tomas Kaberle and Mike Komisarek.

What happen to Toronto Maple Leaf player Daryl Boise 2011?

Darryl Boyce is currently playing for the Maple Leafs' AHL affiliates, the Toronto Marlies.

Is Phil kessel an alternate captain?

Yes, as of october 20th 2011 for the toronto maple leafs.

Who was toronto maple leafs first round draft pick 2011?

It was the 22nd overall Tyler Biggs

Who is the most penalized player for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Kaharaman Haskan

Did Toronto maple leafs win the 14th of December 2011?

The Leafs did not play a game 12/14/2011. Toronto won a home game against the Carolina Hurricanes the previous night, 2-1 in overtime.

When will the Maple Leafs make the playoffs?

The Toronto Maple Leafs still have a chance, stats wise everyone has a chance, but the Leafs will have to win 7-8 of there last 10 games to make it.

What is the record for the Toronto maple leafs October 5 2011?

The Leafs had no game on this date, and the season hadn't even started yet. The season started on October,6,2011.

Did the Boston Bruins win a Stanley Cup recently?

Yes. The Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup, beating the Vancouver Canucks in 7 games.