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The pirates have a long and storied franchise. Yes, they will be good in years to come, we have many promising prospects in our farm system.

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Q: Will the Pittsburgh Pirates ever be good?
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Were the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team ever called the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, they were not. However the Pittsburgh Steelers football team was known as the Pirates from 1933-1939.

Are the Pittsburgh pirates a good baseball team?


Did Richie Hebner of the Pittsburgh Pirates ever marry?

yes when he played for detroit

What City do the Pittsburgh Pirates play for?

The Pittsburgh pirates play for Pittsburgh

What is the most losses the Pittsburgh Pirates have ever had?

113.The 1890 Pittsburgh Alleghenys record was 23-113. Second most losses was by the 1952 Pirates whose record was 42-112.

When was Pittsburgh Pirates created?

Pittsburgh Pirates was created in 1882.

Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever been in the NFC?

No, they have not. The Steelers were always an AFC based team, starting from 1933 when they were known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What is the pirates name from the Pittsburgh pirates?

Pittsburgh Pirates have 2 mascots 1 is the Pirates Parrot and the other is Captain Jolly Roger. i luv being in Pittsburgh

Where can you find the Pittsburgh Pirates team font?

what font pittsburgh pirates use

When did Pittsburgh Pirates - NHL - end?

Pittsburgh Pirates - NHL - ended in 1930.

When was Pittsburgh Pirates - NHL - created?

Pittsburgh Pirates - NHL - was created in 1925.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers first opponent ever?

The Pittsburgh Steelers ( then named the Pittsburgh Pirates ) first game was on September 20, 1933. They lost 23 - 2 to the NY Giants.