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he has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks during february.

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Q: Will the New Jersey Nets trade Jason Kidd?
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Which nba team did Jason kidd play for?

Well Jason Kidd played for the New Jersey Nets for a while. He got traded to the Dallas Mavericks and still plays for them now.

Who is the coach for the nets?

Jason Kidd

Who is the new coach of the Nets?

Jason Kidd

What is the Career high in points of Jason kidd?

1,496 points in 80 games with the New Jersey Nets in 2002-03

Did the Nets trade Jason Kidd?

He was already traded back to the Mavericks and then moved to the New York Knicks where he retired.

What teams did Jason kidd play for?

suns nets mavs

Best game of Jason kidd?

The best game of Jason Kidd's NBA career arguably came on December 7, 2006. In that double-overtime game against the Phoenix Suns, the New Jersey Nets' Kidd scored 38 points, dished 14 assists, and grabbed 14 rebounds.

What is Jason kidd's basketball number?

Jason Kidd currently wears the number 2 playing for the Dallas Mavericks. He wore number 5 while playing for the Nets.

Which teams has basketball player Jason Kidd played for?

Jason Kidd played for the following teams: Dallas Mavericks (1994 - 1996), Phoenix Suns (1996 - 2001), New Jersey Nets (2001 - 2008), Dallas Mavericks (2008 - 2012), New York Knicks (2012 - 2013).

How many rings does Jason kidd have?

J-Kidd has 1 ring (made the finals in 03' and 04' with the Nets and lost and won in 11' with the Mavericks)

What is Jason Kidd's best stats?

Jason Kidd's best stats for a single game probably came on December 7, 2006 with the Nets. In that game against the Phoenix Suns he scored 38 points, 14 assists, and 14 rebounds.

Who is Jason?

Jason do you mean Jason kid new jersey nets i think shooting guard, pretty good getting old though.

How many teams did Jason Kidd play on and what teams are they?

Four, the Dallas Mavericks for three years, the Phoenix Suns for five years, the New Jersey Nets for seven seasons, and back to the Dallas Mavericks for the past two years

What famous athletes have worn the number five?

Josh Howard - Dallas Mavericks Jason Kidd - New Jersey Nets Kevin Garnett - Boston Celtics Jay Sommers- St. Johns Rockets

What is Jason Collins's number on the Brooklyn Nets?

Jason Collins is number 98 on the Brooklyn Nets.

Are the New Jersey nets professional?

The New Jersey Nets are a professional basketball team

How many New Jersey nets championships?

The New York Nets won two in the ABA, but the New Jersey Nets have zero.

What are the best sports teams in New Jersey?

1 of em is New Jersey Nets nets in new jersey

Will the new jersey nets be renamed to new york nets?

No, they were renamed to Brooklyn Nets

Who is the coach of the New Jersey Nets?

Avery Johnson is the head coach of the NBA's New Jersey Nets.

What actors and actresses appeared in The 2003 NBA Finals - 2003?

The cast of The 2003 NBA Finals - 2003 includes: Bruce Bowen as Himself (San Antonio Spurs) Speedy Claxton as Himself (San Antonio Spurs) Tim Duncan as Himself - San Antonio Spurs Danny Ferry as Himself (San Antonio Spurs) Lucious Harris as Himself - New Jersey Nets Richard Jefferson as Himself - New Jersey Nets Jason Kidd as himself Kerry Kittles as Himself - New Jersey Nets Kenyon Martin as Himself - New Jersey Nets Dikembe Mutombo as himself Tony Parker as Himself - San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich as Himself - Coach San Antonio Spurs Rodney Rogers as himself Malik Rose as Himself (San Antonio Spurs) Byron Scott as Himself - Coach New Jersey Nets

How did the Brooklyn Nets get their name?

The Jersey Americans first became the New York Nets when they moved to Long Island in 1968. When the moved to New Jersey in 1977, they became the New Jersey Nets. Finally, in 2012, when they moved to Brooklyn, they took the name Brooklyn Nets.

How did the New Jersey Nets get their name?

Because they put basketballs into nets

Who will be the next coach of the New Jersey Nets?

Avery Johnson is the current head coach of the NBA's New Jersey Nets.

Are the lakers going to trade vuajic?

On December 15, 2010, the Lakers traded Sasha Vujacic in a 3-team trade sending Sasha to the New Jersey Nets.

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