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No, they have no reason to.

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Q: Will the NFL lions get new uniforms for 2009?
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What NFL teams will be wearing new uniforms in 2009 season?

49ers in 2010 is all I've heard ____ The 2009 season will see a few new (or old) looks. The 49ers and Browns are both rumored to get new looks (the 49ers reverting back to the classic Joe Montana era uniforms and the Browns changing their uniforms but keeping the helmet the same). The Rams will be adding the classic yellow/blue uniform for the LA Rams era as their alternate uniform. The Buccaneers are adding the classic "orange cream" uniforms with the classic Bucco Bruce helmet as their alternate uniform to pay tribute to their anniversary season in conjunction with their themed "Ring of Honor". The Patriots and Titans will be adding their throwbacks (Patriots' minuteman uniform and Titans' classic Oilers uniforms) as alternate uniforms to pay respect for the anniversary of the old AFL. I believe that's it. * The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detriot Lions are also getting new uniforms. Atleast jerseys, I'm not sure about the rest of the uniform ** UPDATE - 2009 season will see new uniforms for the Jaguars, Lions, and 49ers (all shown during the NFL Draft last April). The Rams and Buccaneers will wear their throwback uniforms as their alternates. The Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, Bills, Titans(Houston Oilers), Chiefs(Dallas Texans), Jets(NY Titans), Patriots, and Bills will all wear throwback uniforms from the 1960's when they face each other due to the anniversary of the AFL.

Which NFL team is getting new uniforms in 2010?

San Francisco 49ers

Does the new Adidas football cleats have good traction?

Actually the NFL's new uniforms are by Nike not Adidas

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The NFL on CBS - 1956 Detroit Lions vs- New York Giants was released on: USA: 17 September 1989

What NFL teams will have new alternate uniforms in 2010?

Chicago bears, seattle seahawks and i think the dolphins

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