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No just NBC.

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Q: Will super-bowl 2009 air on multiple channels?
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What time will the Super Bowl 2009 air in the UK and on what channels?

superbowl starts on bbc1 at 11pm Sunday until 3am monday. it is also on sky in hd

How much does a 30 sec ad cost in 2009 super bowl?

A superbowl ad for the 2009 superbowl on Sunday Feb. 1 ranges from 2.6-3 million dollars for 30 seconds of air time.

What commercials will air during Super Bowl 2009?

Valium, for all those who prefer to fall alseep during superbowl! Guaranteed to allow you the peace and quiet of superbowl free headaches!

What all stations will the 2009 Super Bowl be aired on?

Superbowl 43 will air on NBC. Check your local listings for a specific channel.

What are off air channels?

Channels that are not transmitting (a signal)

Who will air the 2009 super bowl in Australia?

It will shown on the TEN network. I googled '2009 superbowl Australia' and the site results said that it was switching from 2008's SBS to TEN in 09.

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No, the air channels are the same size, it is the reeds which are in different sizes.

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I do not believe you gain "Extra Channels." The Converter box is to convert the Digital over the air signal to a non-digital TV so you can still receive channels after the analog signal broadcasts are going to stop on Feb. 17th, 2009 in the US.

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It is on CBS.

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How can l what adult channels on my sky

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