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  • Subtract your handicap from 36. This becomes the "quota" that you must meet. You get 8 points for an eagle, 4 points for a birdie, 2 points for a par, 1 point for a bogie. These are gross scores on each hole. The goal is to get more points than your quota. The person with the MOST points OVER their quota wins.

Example; You are a 16 handicap. 36 minus 16 is 20. 20 is your quota. If you get 6 pars times 2 and 9 bogies times 1, you have 12 + 9 = 21 points. You beat your quota by +1.

  • The formula "36 minus handicap" is OK if all the participants' handicaps are for a course rating of 72. If contestants are playing different tees with different course ratings a better formula would be "36 minus handicap plus 72 minus course rating for tees played and where handicap was established." Example: Player A has a 0 handicap from the front tees, CR 66. Player B has a 0 handicap from the back tees, CR 72. With the conventional formula they would both have a quota of 36 points, but if both shot their handicap A would get +6 points and B would get 0. With the better formula both would get 0 points.
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Q: Will someone explain the point quota scoring system for golf?
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