Will soccer in the US get big?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Will U.S. soccer get big? U.S. soccer IS big. And it's getting bigger. What proof does one need? Well, though we haven't won a world cup, we're solid contenders. Except for the women. They stomped everyone in sight when Women's World Cup started, and they maintained their standing, though they've slipped a bit in the last few outings. They're still world class, no doubt. We've got MLS, and it continues to grow. More teams, a greater fan base, and more television air time. It's sad that there isn't as much money for pro soccer players as for those in other US sports, but some sort of parity should evolve. One of the factors stifling the growth of soccer in the U.S. is competition from other sports here. What are they afraid of? In case the fact went unnoticed, soccer is the most popular sport in the WORLD. We're just playing a bit of catch up. Are we there yet?

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Q: Will soccer in the US get big?
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Gabe Paul brought soccer to the US when he let the Stoke City Stokers play at Cleveland Stadium in 1961. Gabe was President of The Cleveland Indians and had a vision that soccer would be big in the US. Unfortunately he lost a lot of money, but credit him with the beginning of Professional Soccer in the US.

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