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ya it can help ...............

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Q: Will running a longer distance before the jump make you jump farther?
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What is another word for farther?

Dad or Daddy longer distance. Further away.

Is it farther to go from Venezuela to Cuba or to go from Venezuela to Bolivia?

Venezuela to Cuba is the longer distance.

Why are races of 1 mile sometimes farther?

If you are running the race it is much longer than a race you are watching.

What sport can ectomorph do?

Ectomorphs tend to have longer limbs, and thus a longer leg stride. Both sprint running and distance running are advantageous.

How is the distance of a planet from the sun related to its period of revolution?

The farther it is from the sun the longer its period of revolution (its "year").

How is the period of revolution of a planets related to its distance from the sun?

The farther it is from the sun the longer its period of revolution (its "year").

Why does it take longer for the planets farther from the sun to revolve around the sun?

They have a longer distance to travel. If you go around something, the further away from it you are, the longer the journey you have to go will be.

How is a planets revolution related to its distance from the sun?

The farther a planet is from the sun, the longer the circumference of its orbit is, AND the slower it travels in its orbit. These are the two reasons ... they're actually connected ... why the farther planets have longer periods of revolution.

What is the relationship between a planet's distance fromm the sun and the length of its year?

The farther out, the longer the year.

Why do some planets take longer to revolve?

Because they are farther away from the sun, and the sun is what they revolve around, so they have a longer distance to go. That obviously makes the day longer on that planet, along with all other time measurements. Some planets take longer to revolve because of their distance to the sun. The further a planet is, the more distance it has to cover and the weaker the sun's gravitational pull is. Planets farther away from the sun move more slowly, and have more distance to cover.

How does time affect the distance traveled by the body?

The time does affect the distance traveled because the longer you allow something to go, the farther its going to go. the other way around would be the longer you let it to, the longer its going to take. So time DOES affect the distance traveled.

Does lenght of leg affect running speed?

The longer your legs are, the longer your stride is and the farther you'll be able to go in the same amount of time it takes a shorter person.

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