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yes dude it will make you loose a hell of a lot of muscle mass

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Q: Will playing badminton make your arm muscles loose?
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Is too late to start playing badminton at 21 to make it as a career?

Not at all!! I just started playing about a month ago and I already feel pretty comfortable!

Why my is my rectum so loose no sex or anything like that?

Prolonged dysentry can make ur rectum muscles loose.Homeopathy medicines are there to recover from weak and loose rectum.

How do you make a badminton racket?

how can i make a badaminton racket

How can you make your muscles bigger by playing outside?

There are lots of fun ways to gain muscles by playing outside! Simply by playing sports, and running around you can gain some strength. If you are looking for significant muscle growth, I would suggest choosing an athletic activity that you enjoy, and working on isolating those muscles. For example, if you love playing football, focus on improving the muscles that you use the most in football.

Who can make point in badminton game?

The Server

How to play badminton?

To play badminton, you have to be fast and you have to have a good strategy. There are two types of games in badminton, doubles and singles. Singles is just playing against one other person and doubles is when you are paired up with someone playing another team which also consists of two players. In singles, the outside line is out and in doubles, the outside line is in. The objective of the game is to make the opposing team around the court, using your shots as well as to force the birdie to touch the court on the opposite side.

Unjumble this to make a sport that uses a racquet manbitdon?


Need and type of warming up?

Warming up is a very important part of exercising. Muscles need to warm up in order to make them loose. This helps prevent the muscles from straining. The most common type of warming up is stretching.

If you do too much cardio will you loose your muscle?

You will lose muscle bulk because you will be using it less. You will however have better muscles in your legs (not size but endurance). It may not make huge muscles in your arms but it still works them a little more in the shoulders though.

The first active step in exercising and conditioning of muscles is?

The first thing you should do before exercising is stretch. You want to make sure your body is loose and ready for a good workout.

What is the role of a team manager in Badminton sport?

to make the game fair

How do you make muscles fitter?

Use them! Find different sports, games, or physical activities that you enjoy and regularly participate in them. Active children who seem always to be running around and playing often have very fit muscles. .