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2012-07-31 12:40:11
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Q: Will jessica pengelly swim in 2012 Olympics?
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Is Jessica Pengelly in the 2012 Olympics?

No she did not swim for South Africa in 2012. Kathryn Meaklim swam the 200 m individual medley and 400 m individual medley for South Africa in the 2012 Summer Games. They are the events that Jessica swam in the 2008 Olympics for South Africa

Did Michael Phelps swim in the Olympics in 2006?

There is no swimming in the winter Olympics. The summer Olympics that we swan in and will swim in are 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. He said he is done after 2012 cause than by the next summer Olympics in 2016 he will be over 30 and he said he is done after he turns 30.

Did KY Hurst make the 2012 Olympics?

Yes ... Ky will be competing in the 10K marathon swim at the 2012 Games in London. Ky competed in the 10k swim at the 2008 Games in Beijing and finished 11th.

How long do you swim in the Olympics?

You might swim 100m

What is the sign for swimming Olympics?

the Olympics do not swim. They are held. Usually on a 4 year basis. Dolphins swim. So do fish. Olympics do not.

Did Michael Phelps swim in the London 2012 Olympics?

Yes, he did, he won 2 silver medals and 4 gold medals

When was the first use of swim goggles in the Olympics?

I think the first use of swim goggles in the Olympics was in 1960.

What is the water cubes?

the water cube is where the swimmers swim in Olympics 2008

When is Michael Phelps going to stop swimming in the Olympics?

He says that he has stopped and that he will not be in the 2016 Olympic games. Sadly he is going to stop swimming in the Olympics when he is 30. He said at the winter Olympics that 2012 olympis will be his last Olympics because he will be 27, and he doesn't want to swim at the Olympics after he 30. :(

Does Michael Phelps still swim in the summer Olympics after getting caught smoking marijuana?

Yes! Phelps will compete in the 2012 US Olympic Swimming Trials, if he makes the team(top 2 spots in each event) he will swim in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. These Games will be his 4th (Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London) and final.

What other swim events are there besides the Olympics?

Various swim meets take place

What actors and actresses appeared in Lucky Duck - 2012?

The cast of Lucky Duck - 2012 includes: Jessica Dickey as Bea Courtney Elliott as Swim Instructor Christine McBurney as Sally Caitlin Stemple as Jordi

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