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Connecting a battery charger backwards to a battery will likely kill the battery, depending on how long the power is attached.

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Q: Will hooking battery charger up backwards on boat battery damage anything?
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Related questions

How do you charge a 24 volt lorry battery?

The same way you charge any battery, by hooking it up to an appropriate charger.

What is the fastest safe way to recharge an electric car battery?

By hooking it up to an appropriate charger.

93 ford ranger won't start after hooking up battery backwards?

Check the fuses. By hooking it up backwards, you may have blown many fuses, and/or completely damaged the vehicle wiring system, and/or shorted out the starter motor.

What does battery do if have bad cell?

The battery is dead - you would need to boost the vehicle in order for it to start , but once you shut the vehicle off it will not start again without boosting or hooking it up to a battery charger

How can a battery from a riding mower be recharged?

they can be recharged by hooking jumper cables from a car to the mower or if the battery is fried you would have to buy a new battery for it Use a battery charger just like the one you use on an auto battery.

2004 F 350 Diesel 6.0L power stroke just clicks when you turn the key?

Have you tried hooking a battery charger up , or getting a battery boost from another vehicle or battery jumpstarter pack ? Are your battery cable connections clean and tight ?

New car battery not used for months will not accept charge from charger?

Some car battery charges will not charge a completely dead battery. You need to find a type of battery charger that is designed to charge a completely dead battery. You can get around this by hooking a car with a working battery up to the dead battery with jumper cables. The alternator/charging system of the car with the good battery will charge the dead battery. Leave them connected for about 30 min, then disconnect and try to use the battery charger again. If it still won't charge, hook it up to the car with the good battery for a longer period of time.

What causes sparks while hooking battery up on 2006 dodge stratus 2.7 liter?

Something is on pulling power from the battery at the moment you hook it up. Or you are connecting it up backwards if you see allot of sparks.

Battery was hooked up backwards in 1987 BMW 325 now car wont start?

You have some serious problems. Hooking up a battery backwards plays hell with the electronics. If you really want to keep the car you will probably have to replace a lot if not all the electronic control devices that manage your engine.

When hooking up battery which cable first?

Always the negative.

What would cause bouncing gauges after hooking a battery up backwards in a car?

hi if u connect the battery the wrong way the gauges will bouncing this is because the gauges has whats called a ballast resistor an diodes this prevent the voltage current to flow only in one direction so it wil be preventing burning of the gauges

What damage can be done when hooking up the battery cables backwards?

Damage to the alternatoron both vehicles can occur and permanent damage to the batterries also can occur. Always be sure of +positive to +positive and -negative to -negative if unsure do not attempt to jump vehical it can be a costly mistake.

What are the top causes of exploding car batteries?

Hooking the battery cables up incorrectly. Reversing the polarity can cause the battery to explode.

How to get back an ex that you keep hooking up with but he has a girlfriend?

If he has a girlfriend and keeps hooking up with you, is he really a guy you want? You would be much better off moving forward to someone who doesn't cheat than backwards to someone who does.

How do you reset a 1998 I30 Infiniti service engine light?

You could try un hooking the battery.

How are electric wheelchairs be charged?

Electrical wheelchairs are charged simply by charging the wheelchairs batteries. This can be done by hooking a charger up to the wheelchair and then plugging it into a wall outlet.

Will hooking up an iPod into a PS3 mess the PS3 up?

No, it won't do anything.

Why has Heater stopped working Kia Sedona?

The same thing happened to me! one day i was cleaning the battery terminals and after hooking the battery back up it worked again!

What is a battery of cells?

In electrics, hooking two or more cells together is what gives you a battery, so I really don't know what you're asking about

Why doesn't 2001 kia sportage keep battery charged?

I would start by checking the alternator yourself or take it and have it checked. If you had'nt had any battery issuses like hooking battery up wrong It is prob. your alternator.

What happens when you put the negative on the positive pole of a car battery for a Honda Civic?

Very bad things happen when you reverse polarity while hooking up your car battery. You can destroy your ecu ( brain ) ignition control unit and just about anything else. If you did do this and heard a big pop sound and possibly smelled electrical smoke ( burning insulation on wires ) you understand what I am saying.

Can you tow a 1996 Ford Thunderbird with 4 wheels on ground?

Yes most of the time you can when you are pulling the Bird backwards. When pulling from the front, it is possible, but take your time and watch what you are hooking around.

How do you reconnect a PS3 wireless controller?

If you're talking about hooking it back up to a specific ps3, then just plug in the usb charger that should come with the ps3. Hope this helps!

How do you get your car to accept Cds after you removed a jammed Cd?

Not positive, but i would think that disconnecting and hooking the battery back up should do the trick

How can you fix your truck that will start but will not fire after hooking battery cables wrong?

You probably fried all the electronics. Take it to a trusted mechanic to diagnose it.

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