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Green tea will only make your breasts smaller if drinking it instead of eating makes you lose weight.

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Q: Will green tea make your breasts smaller?
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What tea do you make for headaches?

you make green tea

Does Green Tea make you Urinate more?

Yes, green tea has a natural diuretic in it. Both green tea and black tea as well as coffeee will make you urinate more.

Does green tea make you urinate green?

Does cranberry juice make you urinate red? No. Drinking green tea will not change the color of your urine.

What is Japanese tea made of?

In common ceremonial teas, matcha is made of powdered green tea leaves, and minced green tea leaves that are dried make green tea and also help make black tea and sometimes jasmine tea. Chamomile and dried fruits can also be found in popular teas.

How much green tea is in gaint eagle green tea?

It's upto 100 mg green tea is in gaint eagle green tea. Lose upto 20 lbs over a period of time with and exercise plan.A small cup of green tea can make a big difference.

What are some best green to start the day?

Jasmine green tea rose green tea Lemon green tea Matcha green tea Tulasi green tea

Does drinking green tea make your first period come sooner?

Green tea may affect hormones levels in women, but no research has linked green tea specifically to menstruation.

What are antioxidant hair products?

You could always make a green tea hair mask! Green tea is a great antioxidant.

Is green tea citrus regular green tea?

It is green tea plus citrus.

What Green tea contains?

Green & Tea

Do they make a decaffeinated green tea?

Yes, I believe Twinings makes decaffeinated gree tea.

How do make weed out of green tea?

Just cut open the tea bag and smoke it, dude.

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