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It is surely federers slam

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2011-03-19 22:54:42
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Q: Will federer win US Open
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Is federer going to win US Open 2008?

OBviously he is going to win OBviously he is going to win

Is Federer goung to win Ausralian Open 2009?

90 % going to win.

Who will win the US Open 2009 Men's and women's Title?

Men's: Roger Federer Women's: Kim Clijsters

Did Roger Federer win the French Open tennis title?

Roger Federer won the French Open at Roland Garros in 2009. This is the only time he has recorded a win in this tournament.

Who did Roger Federer beat to win the French Open?

In 2009, when Roger Federer won the French Open, he defeated Robin Soderling in the final.

Did Roger Federer win the 2010 US Open?

No he lost in the semi final to Novak Djokovic. Rafeal Nadal Beat Novak Djokovic in the final and won the US Open.

What tennis tourement did Roger Federer win in 2009?

French Open

How much money did Federer win at the French Open?

1,060,000 Euros

Who won US Open in 2008?

Roger Federer

Who is a 5 time US Open champ?


Who won the 2009 Australian open?

Rafeal Nadal won the 2009 Australian open infact he made roger federer cry because roger needed to win the open to tie the record for the most grand slams. Later on, Federer ended up winning the French Open, to tie the record, then won Wimbledon and broke the men's record of grand slams at 15. He may win the US Open (this will be updated after the us open is over).

Who are the finalists of the US Open Men's Singles in 2005?

The final match was played between Roger Federer and Andre Agassi. Roger Federer won the match. This was Roger Federer's second US Open Singles title.

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