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Ian Wright said yes

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Q: Will crystal palace fc stay up this season?
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What league does Crystal Palace FC play in?

Crystal Palace Football Club play their home games at Selhurst ParkAddress is:Whitehorse Lane,Selhurst Park,South NorwoodLONDONSE25 6PUThe wikipedia entry can be found here: has been the home to Crystal Palace Football Club since 1924

Who was crystal palace manager 2003-2006?

Iain Dowie was the manager of Crystal Palace FC from 2003-2006. He had a win percentage of 40.65.

Is Edgar Davids on fifa 11?

yes go to crystal palace fc

What is the nickname of Crystal Palace FC The?

Upon their original formation in 1905, Crystal Palace became known as the Glaziers. Since 1973, the team have been known as the Eagles.

What can be done at the Crystal Palace FC website?

There is a lot that can be done at the Crystal Palace FC website. There are stats and players lists for the soccer team, it has a team store in order to purchase products from, and it has a place to buy tickets to see the team play.

Why are crystal palace fc nicknamed the eagles?

because they are as good and strong as an eagle we are staying up we are staying up

What was the score in the last 10 matches between millwall fc and crystal palace fc?

Football League Championship, 18-02-2006 Millwall 1-1 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 03-12-2005 Crystal Palace 1-1 Millwall Football League Championship, 26-12-2003 Crystal Palace 0-1 Millwall Football League Championship, 30-08-2003 Millwall 1-1 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 21-04-2003 Millwall 3-2 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 07-12-2002 Crystal Palace 1-0 Millwall Football League Championship, 26-12-2001 Millwall 3-0 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 08-09-2001 Crystal Palace 1-3 Millwall Football League Championship, 30-03-1996 Millwall 1-4 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 22-10-1995 Crystal Palace 1-2 Millwall

Which sporting entity gets its name for a structure that once stood in Hyde Park?

The professional football (soccer) club Crystal Palace FC.

Why did Wimbledon fc move to Milton keynes?

Larger support base and negates the need to share a stadium with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park

Have Liverpool football club ever beat Crystal Palace FC ten nil?

No - Highest score was 9-0 12th Sep 89

Who are better west ham or crystal palace?

Crystal Palace are by far better than West ham. West ham are bad and all their players are cammels. Dearren Ambrose is much better than Scott Parker and Scott Parker should be playing for Bromley Town FC

Which football team does Niall support?

He supports Liverpool FC. He is also a fan of Crystal Palace F.C. He has asked a former chairman for tickets as a friend introduced him when he lived in London.