Will burnley fc stay up

Updated: 10/21/2022
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yes if west ham keep losing and they probably will lol.

probably not now, if they win a game they have a possibility of staying up.

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Q: Will burnley fc stay up
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Where do burnley fc play there home games?

burnley fc play there home games at TURF MOOR.

Who is the Chairman of Burnley FC?

The Chairman of Burnley F.C in England is Mike Garlick.

Where is burnley fc' home stadium?

It is in burnley town centre and it is called Turf Moor!!

Who is chief Scout at burnley fc?

Chris Wrigh

When was Burnley FC established?

Burnley FC, or Burnley Football Club was established in 1882. It is a Football league based in Burnley, Lancashire. The club colors are claret and blue.

Who is Charlie Austin?

He is a completely BOSS burnley fc player

Which premier league club plays at turf moor?

Burnley FC

Are Burnley FC the best?

yes by far the best team in the world

What song is played when burnley FC score a goal?

Tom hark - The Pirahanas

Was Adolf Hitler a Burnley FC supporter?

yes he went in the bob lord stand

Who were the four fa cup semi finalists in 1974?

Leicster City vs Liverpool FC and Newcastle United vs Burnley FC

Which football ground does burnley fc play in?

They play at turf moor which is one of the oldest grounds in the championship.