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No once the game is tied, the winning and losing pitchers will be determined at that time. The winning pitcher will be the pitcher who pitched the last out of the half inning before his team took the lead for good, and the losing pitcher will be the pitcher who allowed the winning run on base

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Not necessarily. The "winning" pitcher is the one who most recently pitched when her/his team went ahead, without ever surrendering the lead. A starting pitcher must pitch at least five innings. Thus, the pitcher before the one that gets the save MIGHT get the win, but it is not guaranteed.

If a team went ahead in the first inning and maintained the lead, and that team's starting pitcher pitched for more than five innings but had two relief pitchers to follow him, then the starter would be the "winning" pitcher and the final pitcher would have a chance at a save. But the second pitcher would have no chance for either a win or a save.

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Q: Will a starting pitcher still get the win if the bullpen lets the opposing team tie the game but then regains the lead later?
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