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well yes a soccer ball with more air will go further than a soccer ball with no air

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Q: Will a soccer ball with more air go further than a soccer ball with no air?
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What ball has a greater density softball or soccer ball?

A softball is more dense than a soccer ball.

Why do you run more in soccer than football?

Becaus soccer is a more mobile game. With more kicks, the ball can move further and faster across the field, forcing the players to move more to be in on the action.

Do girl soccer players kick further than boys?

No, the majority of boys would kick the ball further than girls.

Which ball kicks the farthest kick ball or a soccer ball?

From personal experience I'm almost positive that you can kick a kickball further than a soccer ball. Of course someone rather athletic could be able to kick a soccer ball further then some one nonathletic could ever kick a kickball.

Why does soccer ball falls slowly than golf ball?

the golf ball is way more airodynamic than a soccerball

Is the mass of a bowling ball greater than the mass of a soccer ball?

Yes, because a bowling ball is more dense than a soccer ball. A bowling ball is solid all throughout while a soccer ball has its outer layer, but has air inside of it. Hope that this answer helps! :)

Why is a basketball heavier than a soccer ball?

cause it weighs more

Which is heavier football or tennis ball?

A football weighs more than a tennis ball.

Is a football heaver than a soccer ball?

Yes a football is heaver than a soccer ball.

Why does a volleyball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

A volleyball is softer than a soccer ball.

Does a soccer ball roll farther than a basketball in grass?

soccer ball

Does rolling soccer ball needs more force to stop than a rolling bowling ball?

Any amount of force can stop either kind of ball. But a greater force is required to stop a bowling ball than to stop a soccer ball IN THE SAME TIME, because the bowling ball has more mass, and therefore more momentum and more kinetic energy.

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