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A bigger football will go further than a smaller football.

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Q: Will a smaller or bigger football go further?
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Will a smaller football go further than a bigger football?

depends how you kick it but probebley yes

Is -15 bigger that -11?


Would a smaller or bigger soccer ball go farther?

That depends how hard you kick them. If you kick them normally, than a smaller ball. If you kick them really hard, the bigger soccer ball would go further because the forces take longer time to slow down a heavier item.

Is a midget football bigger than a college football?

Go Big Red

Is -19 bigger than -12?


Are bigger sprocets lowered geared than smaller?

smaller in the back the faster you go

Is 0.7 smaller than 0.67?

No, in decimals, the numbers get less significant as you go further right, so because, in this case. The 7 is bigger than the 6, 0.7 is bigger than 0.67 (0.7 is the same as 0.70)

What happens to your shadows the further north you go?

Your shadows get smaller

Which go farther a Nerf football or pro football by the same quarter back?

A Nerf ball would go further but, less accurate.

When a light is in your eye does you pupil go bigger or smaller?

Smaller because the eye is protecting it's self from the light

Why does a spiral in football matter?

it allows the football to go further and hit its target allot better than a wobbler.

Why do big sails go faster than smaller sails?

Bigger sails can handle the waves of the ocean well than the smaller vessels and bigger sails has bigger engines on them giving them more power and stability in the ocean

Will a spiraling motion football go farther or a wobbling motion football go farther?

A spiraling football will go further than a wobbling. The spiral movement will go further due to air. The spiral uses the air to move smoothly through as a wobbling football is all over the place so its actually using the air to slow down instead of moving smoothly.

Would your tire pressure be bigger or smaller if you go on a bike ride on a hot summer day?


Would the decimal go left if the measurement goes from bigger to smaller?


Do bigger wheel roll faster?

No. Bigger wheels roll slower than smaller wheels. They roll slower because they have a larger circumference and they take longer to roll. Smaller wheels have a smaller circumference meaning they go faster.

Can you kick a football on the moon?

yes it would just go a lot further

What place is Port Adelaide on the football ladder?

12th but they will go down further

Which will go further foam football or leather football?

Usally leather due to its weight. However it depends how hard you throw it.

Does a football go further when you throw it in a spiral?

yes, a football does go faster because it stops the wind from affecting it better than it being thrown wobbly

Would a soccer ball or a football go further if kicked?

Yes. Throwing can be far if you throw it very hard. Although kicking can make the ball go further.

What periodic trend is seen in atom size?

Bigger as you go down the chart; smaller as you go from left to right.

Why do larger planets have more moons than the smaller planets?

Larger planets have a bigger gravitational pull, so the moons go to them..making the bigger planets have a lot..and the smaller planets have a weak gravitational pull, making a small amount of moon go to them..THE BIGGER GRAVITATIONAL PULL THE MORE MOONS-

Why does a smaller football go faseter than a big football?

because you cangrip it better and when you can grip it better you can use more arm strength to make it go faster

Which way do you move the decimal in metric if your are going from a bigger to smaller unit?

The decimal would go left. For example: 18.0: Smaller: 1.8 Bigger: 180

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