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no, because the air is what pushes the paintball out off the barrel.

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It will "fire" but the ball will just roll out of the end of the barrel.

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Q: Will a paintball gun work without a barrel?
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Does the jt cybird paintball gun work without a co2 tank?

No paintball gun will work without a CO2 tank or other propellant tank. without Co2 there is nothing to push the ball out of the barrel.

What does a squeeege do on a paintball gun?

cleans the barrel

Can a paintball barrel work on a airsoft gun?

No. Paintball barrels are .68 caliber and have relatively huge threads compared to airsoft guns. Not only would they not fit, they would not work due to the large space between the barrel and the airsoft pellet.

What barrel can be used for an azodin kaos paintball gun?

Any autococker threaded barrel.

Dose hydrogen work on a paintball gun?

No, no paintball guns work on hydrogen.

How far can a paintball go in a AK47 paintball gun?

All paint ball guns with a regular barrel will shoot around 300 feet. there also is no specific "ak 47" paintball gun

Do you need to get a paintball co2 tank to fire the brass eagle paintball gun or can you just pull back the knob?

you need Co2 to fire any paintball gun, it is what physically moves the ball out of the barrel.

What happens if you shoot a paintball gun without co2 or paintballs?

without CO2 or paintballs, you just put the bolt forward. In most guns this is how you de-cock after a day of play, but if you have a regulator, it may store a single shot. If you fire without co2, the gun will not cycle or fire a paintball, it will only go into the barrel. If you fire with no paintballs and co2, you may damage your gun.

Does a Phat stick barrel fit a JT outkast paintball gun?

As long as it has the correct barrel threads it will. JT markers are spyder threaded, just make sure the barrel has spyder threads and yes it will work.

Best sight for a paintball gun?

AIM B Style Red Dot Gun Sight-wrong your barrel

Do you need co2 to fire a paintball gun?

Yes, it is what physically moves the ball out of the barrel.

What can the alpha black paintball gun do?

It shoots semi automatic and has a removable feedneck and barrel.