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Any round pipe can shoot darts that fit inside it. I would not use it as a dart gun however.

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Q: Will a paintball blowgun shoot a dart also?
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Can a 40 cal paintball blowgun shoot darts also?

Any round pipe can shoot darts that fit inside it. I would not use it as a dart gun however.

How long is a blowgun?

It all depends on how far you want your dart/paintball to go.

Word for blowgun missile?

Its called dart. Blowgun dart, for sure!

Will a 40 paintball blowgun shoot 40 caliber darts?

You'd have to load the gun by sliding the dart down the barrel, so if it fits (twss) then I wouldn't see why not, although I wouldn't recommend it.

How does a blowgun work?

a blowgun is a big tube, like a straw. When you place a dart (or other object) into it, and blow in the end, you're increasing the pressure behind the dart, which propels it out the other end where pressure is lower. Objects always move toward the area of least resistance, and the pressure you create behind the dart creates a lot of resistance.

Could an astronaut use a blowgun in space?

Yes - But because of it being a vaccum it is likely the dart would not be accurate at all!

How can i aim my blowgun accurately?

Usually you aim a weapon with one eye closed, however, this is not the case with a blowgun to aim the a blowgun look down the barrel of the gun and cross your eyes the center of the space between the two blowguns you see is were the dart will it, you also have to compensate for distance by aiming slightly above or below the barrel of the two blowguns hope this helps, dont do anything illegal :D

How can you modify a dart gun to shoot further?

Not recommended.

What do poison dart frog like to do?

poison dart frogs are frogs and when they get scared or provoked they shoot out poison

What special features does a poison dart frog?

they shoot darts

How do you use a dart gun at your brother?

you buy one, then shoot him with it

How do you make blowguns?

Making a blowgun in pretty easy. A person can empty a thick tree branch or use a hollow reed, load it with a 'dart' of sorts, and then blow.

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