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it depends how hard you throw each

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Q: Will a football or a baseball accelerate faster?
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Do you have to use your gears on your bike to accelerate?

You don't have to, but you'll accelerate faster if you do.

A sentence for accelerate?

The driver was told to accelerate get faster because he was driving to slow.

Can a man accelerate faster than a horse?

No not faster than Secretariat:)

Who is faster a baseball player or football player?

football players especially the running back like Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans

Why does a car slow down when you accelerate?

A car goes faster when you accelerate. It slows down when you brake.

How can you move faster and starts with ac?


What is the definition of accelerate?

To move faster or gain speed

How do you accelerate your downloads?

Get a faster broadband connection. You do have broadband don't you ?........

What words mean to go faster?

acceleration, gain, accelerate, speed up

Is it true that the higher you drop something from the faster?

If you're asking if it falls faster, it will only accelerate until it reaches terminal velocity.

Which is faster a two stroke dirt bike or a four stroke dirt bike?

Two strokes can accelerate faster but it depends on engine size

Does the football move faster then a man or child?

yes a football is faster then child or any other human being. because the football has more energy and air then a human does.

Do heavier mass accelerate faster in an inclined plane?

Not if the only force on it is the force of gravity.

Why would cause a truck to accelerate faster in second than in drive?

gear ratio

When Objects that are more massive accelerate faster on the moon than those that are less massive?

false -apex

How is terminal velocity reached?

An object falls faster and faster, until the force of the air resistance equals the force of gravity. When that happens, the object will not accelerate (speed up) any more, and is said to have reached terminal velocity.

Why does my radiator fan accelerate when i do on my 240sx what could be wrong?

nothing is wrong, the fan is controlled by a belt that is powered by the crankshaft and the faster you go the faster it spins

Can a puck accelerate when a hockey stick hit it?

No, the puck cannot accelerate because the exact moment the hockey stick touches the puck, that will be the maximum speed it will reach. for the puck to go faster, it would need extra propulsion methods. Ice would not make it go faster.

Are soccer players faster than football players?

Football players

Will a sky diver with a greater mass accelerate faster that a sky diver with less mass?


What are some synonyms for hurry?

Speed up, Accelerate, Charge (maybe), faster, pressured (maybe)

Do you accelerate faster the longer you go at a constant pace?


What would happen if friction were to act in the same direction as the motion?

The object would accelerate faster.

Fleas accelerate 50 times faster than?

The answer is a space-shuttle. So cool, right!

Would the marble drop faster or slower in a liquid?

The gravity of the marble will accelerate in the liquid it's in.