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No. The Tippmann handle is screwed on from the bottom, where the bt is held on s rail.

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โˆ™ 2012-06-19 22:51:11
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Q: Will a bt4 handle fit on a tippmann a5 paintball gun?
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Will tippmann e trigger fit on a bt4 paintball gun?


Will the tippmann a5 handle fit on bt4 paintball gun?

No It uses a screw on the top that goes into the a5, the bt4 uses a rail system. Besides the Bt-4 already comes with a better hand-grip then the A5.

Will a tippmann 98 custom pro paintball gun fit the exact same response trigger as a tippmann a5 paintball gun?

No, they will not both fit unless you have it custom fitted.

Can all tippmann hoppers fit all tippmann paintball guns?

No. Hoppers meant for the cyclone feed will only fit the cyclone feed.

What stock fits the Carver one gun?

Any stock built for the Tippmann 98 series, including the project salvo, alpha black and the non Tippmann BT4. A5/x7 ans spyder mr stocks will not fit.

Can a 3 skull tippmann a5 16 inch M16 assault barrel kit fit into a 3 skull tippmann a5 full body UMP paintball shroud?

No it will not. the Handguard on the barrel is in the way of the handguard on the shroud.

Is there a double trigger available for the Tippmann US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun?

No, you can not fit a double trigger in any of the US Army tippmanns.

Will a tippmann 98 barrel fit on a tippmann project salvo?

yes it will fit because the treads are the same

Can you mount a military red dot scope on a paintball gun Tippmann X-7?

Yes. Any scope or attachment with picatinny rail mounts will fit onto the X7.

What are the threads for a Tippmann A-5?

This statement is half true but half untrue. The tippmann A5 and 98 custom do indeed have different threads. But after the A5 tippmann made the X7 which has identical threads to that of an A5. Because of this a barrel with "Tippmann A5" threads, will fit on a tippmann x7, but will not fit on a tippmann 98 custom.

What are the only paintball guns that are both sniper and infantry rifle?

As far as i know there is no markers specified for sniping in paintball. That's sorta reserved for airsoft. But a Tippmann marker with a flatline (X-7 or A-5 preferably) should do the trick. The flatlines put backspin on the balls as they go out increasing the range, and Tippmann is the only company that makes them and they only fit on there guns.

Does the tippmann a5 m82a1 shroud fit the tippmann 98 custom?

Unfortunately no. It would require heavy modification and machining to fit.

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