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Q: Will a bike start without a CDI?
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Do you need a cdi box for a dirt bike?


What happen if cdi unit is deffective?

It will not start.

When did they start using CDI on snowmobiels?


Where is the rev liminater on a 50cc scooter?

the rev limiter is built into the CDI, you can get a CDI without the limiter on ebay.

You have recently installed electronic lock in your bike cbz xtreme but you are having problem with your bike the mechanic burnt the cdi unit and replaced with some but the rpm drops bike jerks?

Repast the orbit Sensor

Can you rebuild a CDI box?

Sorry you can't rebuild a CDI box, as a matter of fact you really can't even diagnose it as bad (usually, a few rare bikes have the ability to be tested), you just have to rule out everything else first. Considering Just how much a CDI box costs you DEFINITELY want to confirm that everything else is ok first. The only other way to check the CDI is if you have a friend with THE EXACT SAME BIKE! Try and talk them in to swaping with you, just to see if it'll run. However if there is something on your bike causing the CDI to go bad, be prepared to buy both of you a new CDI. Good Luck.

Can a dirt bike start without a magneto?

No, the magneto provides the voltage for the spark.

How too run a schwinn sport scooter without a cdi box?

what wire do i cut on a cdi box on a schwinn scooter 49.5cc

Can a motorcycle run without a CDI box?

No you can't - not if was designed to have one.

Can you just start riding a bike without knowing how to ride it?


Where do i find a Cdi wiring diagram for zongshen 250 motor bike?

Hi have these diagrams available as well as performance manuals for the engines.

How do you bypass the imobliser on Peugeot speedfight 2?

Either use the key given with the bike to turn the immobilizer off. (If you don' have it) Get a new CDI.