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Q: Will a bat break if it is hit on the stump?
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How do you break your computer?

hit it with a bat

How do you intentionally break a wood bat?

Hit the ball on the trade mark

Can you break in the demarini cf5 fastpitch bat wrong?

Yes you can break it in wrong. Some batters will find the same place to look at on the bat when they're getting ready to hit. Doing this causes you to hit the ball on the same side of the bat over and over. The correct way to break in the bat and for the life of the bat is to rotate the bat 1/4 turn every time you step in the box. This will help distribute the number of times the bat strikes the ball.

What equiptment do you need to play cricket?

A ball,a bat and a stump.

What are some cricket drills one can do on their own?

You can get a ball and hit it against a wall with a bat or stump so it comes back and hit again..or you can put a ball in a sock and tie it to a rope and tie the rope to a roof so it swings and hit that

How do you umpire a game of rounders?

lay out the plates then hit them with the bat until they break and you cry on the floor

Why do baseball bats break?

Wood bats are broken when hit with incorrectly, or if they were previously hit with incorrectly and the next contact breaks the bat.

How do you break in a new softball bat?

The best thing to do is to go to the batting cages and hit. After every pitch, rotate the bat in your handsso it breaks out the whole bat and not just one section.

How do you break in an easton surge softball bat?

You hit the ball on the spot where most wooden bats would break. Just past the handle.

What is the difference between a t ball bat and a regular bat?

A wood composite bat is a mixture of wood, carbon, glass, and fibers mixed in with a plastic resin. Wood compostite bats can be lighter, and stronger making them less likley to break or splinter. You might also need to "greak in" composite wood bats which requires you to hit the baseball on every angle f the bat by rotating the bat every time you hit. You break in the bat so that you get the full amount of pop the bat is supposed to have.

Why did Patrick stump quit his band?

Patrick Stump did not quit Fall Out Boy. They are simply taking a break (hiatus)!

If batsman get entered in a crease after that ball hits a stump at that time batsman leg and bat both in air then it will be out or not out?

he will be out if he leg and bat is up in the air!!