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they don't make a 9 tooth freewheel they make a 9 tooth cassette and its better to get a 8 tooth as you can see heres a gear ratio for you to look at

Popular Gear Combos


F/W or Cassette





















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Q: Will a 9 tooth freewheel work with a 22 tooth sprocket?
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If you have a 22 tooth sprocket what is the correct size for your freewheel?

Usually the sprocket is an inseparable part of the freewheel, and the size of the freewheel is determined by the hub.

What is the smallest sort of sprocket you can get for a bmx?

As far a the sprocket in the front goes, i think they make them as small as 22 tooth, and in the back, it is called a freewheel or a driver. Freewheels are generally larger and drivers are smaller. Drivers can go as small as 8 teeth i beleave.

What chainwheel size do 8 tooth drivers fit?

22 or 23 tooth sprocket will work. 23 will give you more top end speed for cranking at those huge gaps, while 22 will give you easier acceleration.

Does a smaller sprocket make a difference on a bmx?

Depends on if it's the older freewheel type rear hub or the newer cassette style rearl hub. Cassette hubs can take 9 tooth I believe, while the smallest freewheel is 15 or so.Depends on the hub. A cassette hub will go down to 9T. Standard freewheel is 16T, but there are a few that go to 14 and 15.they now make 8 tooth cassette hubs and 22 tooth sprockets to work for them. so 22 is the smallest out there so far

Where are the timing marks on a 96 S10 22 cam sprocket?

Look closly at the sprocket and you will see a small dot or indentation,you align both dots (cam and crank sprocket dots)

Can How do you make a razor e300 faster?

You can change the motor from the stock 24v-250 watt motor to a 24v-350 watt motor with a 150 more RPM's and more torque, than change out the front sprocket from the stock 11 tooth to a 13 or 15 tooth that will get you up to 19 to 22 mph depending on your weight. The motor will run you any where from $35 to $55 and the sprocket runs $6 to $15, there a cheap way to get some speed out of you E300-E325

Where are the timing marks on a 98 S10 22 cam sprocket?

The timing marks for the cam sprocket on a 98 S10 is on the front. The marks for the crank shaft is on the oil pump gear.

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