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Near the surface of the earth, all objects fall with the same acceleration; after any period

of time spent falling, all objects are falling with the same speed, and have fallen the same

distance. If there's any difference in falling behavior between two objects, it's the result of

air resistance. If they fall through a region where there is no air, a feather and a battleship

fall with the same acceleration. If they're dropped side by side, they stay side by side all the

way down.

This has been known for roughly the past 500 years.

Right. The gravitational attraction is bigger, but so is the inertia in the same ratio.

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An 8 pound Bowling ball will drop before a 10 pound bowling ball providing that the time that the 8 pound bowling ball is dropped is before the time of the 10 pound bowling ball.

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Q: Will a 8-lb bowling ball dropped from the fifth floor drop before a 10-lb bowling ball?
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