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Yes, a 1.95 tire can fit a 2.0 rim. You can probably fit anything between a 1.75 to 2.125 tire on that same rim.

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Q: Will a 20X1.95 bike tire fit on a 20X2.0 rim?
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What is the widest rear tire that will fit on a 1986 Honda shadow vt700?

The standard or stock tire for this bike is 140/90-15. A tire that is 165/80/15 is probably the largest you can fit on this bike. If you install a tire that has a wider thread your cornering and turning may suffer and the bike may become dangerously unstable.

Will a bike tire that is 1.75 bike tire fit on a rim made for a 2.125 tire?

Probably, yes. There are some recommendations on rim width vs tire width - I'll post a link. You have to scroll down a bit.

Will a Dunlop D402 MU85B16 77H rear tire fit a 2001 Ultra Classic?

yes it will fit and that particular tire is the highest load rating for the bike

Can a 26 inch bike frame use a 27 inch tire?

MAYBE - , frame size has nothing to do with tire size. Style does, and if its a mountain bike, it will not work with a 27 (road racing) wheel and tire. Brakes will not fit.

Will a 160 60 15 rear tire fit your 2004 Honda Shadow Aero?

Yes, but the sidewall is not as high as of the 160/80/15 tire that originally comes with the bike. The bike will be geared down a bit.

Will a bike tire that is 2.125 bike tire fit on a rim made for a 2.10 tir?

Sure, in terms of width tires aren't that picky about which rim they're mounted on, there are far more tire widths that there are rim widths. Read here for more: Do note that the frame might not have enough clearance for a wider tire though.

Are there bike racks that will fit on the back or roof of a 5th wheel camper?

E-Trailer sells bike racks for RVs and motorhomes. They have styles that fit around the spare tire, make use of the hitch, or hold the bikes against the side of the vehicle.

Will a Dunlop D402 MU85B16 77H rear tire fit a 1994 Ultra Classic?

Dunlop recommends a 3.00" or 3.50" rim for this tire. The only problem with your bike might be fender clearance.

Does it matter how much you weigh for what kind of bicycle tire you should have?

Well, if you're heavy it's sensible to use a wider tire. but how wide you can go depends on what will suit your rim and what will fit in your bike.

How big is a bike tire that is 700x32c?

it's about 32 mm wide/high and it'll fit on a ETRTO 622 mm / 28" rim.

What is the widest rear tire that will fit a Ducati monster 695?

What is the widest rear tire that will fit a standard 2005 Ducati monster 620 (red) ??? or where can i find a wide tire swingarm kit to make it wider, because my bike is a double sided swingarm. let me know asap at: thank you.

What are the risks involved as a bike owner when you try to fit in a larger rear tire than the bikes rim width size?

I guess most Street Bike or Sport Bike owners do this to improve the aesthetic look of the bike; but with this modification comes the risk of adversely affecting your front tire which will eventually become flat or pinched. This can occur even with tough brands Motorcycle Tires There is also the risk of interfering with the bike’s handling.

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