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The Undertaker lost the World Heavyweight Champion to Chris Jericho at W. W. E. Elimination Chamber 2010 after Shawn Michaels interfered.

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As of TLC 2011, not only is undertaker not the world heavyweight champion, he is still not back from injury reserve after beating HHH at Wrestlemania 28

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Q: Will Undertaker stay World Heavy Weight Champion?
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Did undertaker become the world heavy weight champion at judgementday 2008?


How many times did undertaker won world heavy weight title?

The Undertaker was a 4-time WWE Champion, 7-time World Heavyweight Champion, 6-time undisputed champion and 4-time cruiser weight champion

How many times has Chris Jericho been the world heavy weight champion?

Chris Jericho has won the World Heavyweight Champion 3 times. His latest World Heavyweight Champion win was inside a Elimination Chamber and he won that from The Undertaker after a interference from Shawn Michaels.

Who was not a world heavy weight champion?

jinder mahal

Who is the former world heavy weight champion?

The former World Heavyweight Champion is Big Show

Is Kane heavest weight champion?

if you mean is he world heavy weight champion the yes. but if you say in he the heaviest world heavyweight champion then no because yokozuna was

Will cena be world heavy weight champion again?


Who is world heavy weight champion of WWE?

chris jericho.

Which of these was not a world heavy weight boxing champion?

rocky balboa

Who was the youngest world heavy weight champion?

Canelo Alvarez

Who is Heavy weight champion of the world 2008?

Edge is the current heavy weight champion. He defeated John Cena at Backlash 2009 with the help of the Big Show

Which wrestler won the world heavy weight championship at WrestleMania 23?

the undertaker