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It is unkown whether HHH will turn on Michaels once D-X is over. You will just need to watch WWE programming to find out.

Answerno he wont, because dx reunited again, & will win against mizz & Morrison

i also don't think he will i think that triple h is going to get injured AGAIN or some one tells them that they can no longer be dx anymore

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Q: Will Triple H turn on Shawn Michaels again?
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Will Shawn michaels turn on Triple H and join Bret hart in wwe?

No. Shawn Michaels is loyal to triple h. Plus HBK and Bret don't have great history. Bret is only on Raw for 1 night so far. He is guest host

Did JBL turn face?

yes, because he hit Morrison with his boot and helped Shawn Michaels

Will Shawn micheals turn on Triple H?

yes Shawn will turn on HHH because he has turned on his past partners like Marty from the rockers and john cena. why would HHH be different when Shawn cant be trusted.

Why did Triple H turn heel?

He betrayed X-Pac in 1999, then turned face in his 2002 return. He betrayed Shawn Michaels in 2002 and then was heel ever since until he turned face in 2006 when DX united and parodied on the McMahons

Will Triple H Turn Heel Again?

No one knows for sure if Triple H will turn heel again, but it's always a possibility. Triple H was born Paul Michael Levesque, and is married to Stephanie McMahon.

Will Shawn michaels turn heel?

well lets see come on he cant stay face forever im sure he will sometime in the future

Will Marti Janetti come back to the WWE after his match with Kurt Angle?

no He has signed with the WWE and will do house shows with Shawn Michaels after Wrestlemania and they will reform the Rockers. Also, he is suspected to turn heel. no

When did Triple H turn heel?

in summer 2002 he staged a dx reunion and then from out of no where pedigreed shawn In March 1999 when he joined the Coporate Ministry, then turned face later that year

When did Chris Jericho turn heel?

Chris Jericho turned heel at Backlash 2008, where he was the special guest referee in the match between Shawn Michaels and Batista. Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Michaels and went for the pin. Jericho made a fast count and Michaels still kicked out. Jericho refused to count when Michaels had Batista pinned with the Sweet Chin Music. Michaels and Jericho got into an argument, Jericho threw a punch, Michaels ducked and hit the Sweet Chin Music on Jericho. Michaels used Jericho's hand to count the pin on Batista and win the match.

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i heard that dx will be unified tag team champs until wm26 where they will lose their tag team championships to cm punk (Phil brooks) and Luke gallows (festus) the straight edge team and triple h (Paul Levesque) will turn on Shawn michaels (Michael hickenbottom) after Shawn loses the match by accidentally sweet chin musicking hhh in the face when he is about to sweet chin music cm punk in the face when he slips out and hhh is standing there so cm punk pins hhh after Luke gallows does the 12 steps to Shawn and hhh takes it like it was on purpose so he pedigrees Shawn at the end of the match and he says i am on my own now and they play time to play the game hhh theme song

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