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No, Taekwondo will not stunt the growth of a teenager. There is some concern that weightlifitng sports might stunt a teenagers grwoth, but taekwondo workouts do not employ the use of weights. Exercises such as pushups, crunches and squats work the muscles by lifting the thletes own body weight. These types of exercises are very safe for young althletes, and they are the most common exercises employed in taekwondo classes.

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Q: Will Tae Kwon Do stunt the growth of a teenager?
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Does tae kwon do stunt growth?

No, i am a first degree black belt and it actually promotes your growth as long as you practice on a regular basis.

Will you be shorter if you play Tae Kwon Do from 6 years old?

No, often martial arts, like Tae Kwon Do, often involve copious amounts of stretching, which can aid in growth at a young age and during puberty. So no, taking martial arts would never stunt someone's growth.

What does tae kwon do literally mean?

The name Tae Kwon Do, means - tae - "to stomp, trample", kwon -"fist" -, and do - "way, discipline"

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When was Kwon Tae-Man born?

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Does tae kwon do originate from BUDDHISTS?

Tae kwon do originates from Korea.

What is the world's most popular martial art?

tae kwon doA+

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Ha Tae-kwon was born in 1975.

What is TKD stand for in Tae Kwon Do?

TKD stands for Tae Kwon Do. T stands for Tae (kick). K stands for Kwon (punch). D stands for Do (way).

When did Lauren Burns start Tae Kwon Do?

she started Tae Kwon Do when she was 6 because of her brother

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