Will Sony make a NASCAR 10?

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No, unfortunatly EA's contract with NASCAR expired in '09, and as of now there are no plans to make a Nascar 2010 video game.

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Q: Will Sony make a NASCAR 10?
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Will there be a NASCAR 10?

No. EA Sports will not make a NASCAR 10 game.

Will NASCAR 2010 have multiplayer mode?

NASCAR '10 will not be released due to cancelization with EA Sports but Sony has been talking with NASCAR to start re-releasing game late 2010. Even though Sony now owns the NASCAR franchise, NASCAR has told Sony that all games must come out on multiple platforms, not just PS3 ughh i hope they do b cuz nascar 09 is all i play.and why not? ps3 is the best all the other sysytems are peices.

How much money do the top drivers in Nascar make for driving?

10 million

When NASCAR 10 coming out?

EA Sports will not be making another Nascar game for 2010. Another company may make one. There won't be a NASCAR 2010, due to the current economic crisis going on now. EA Games's license for selling NASCAR games has also ended, so we will not see a NASCAR 10.

Will they make a NASCAR 10?

yes. while people continue to buy bad games of course they will make it

Is there going to be a NASCAR 10?


How much money does a rookie Nascar driver make?

It depends on who their sponsors are and if they win, but on a normal basis they make about 6-10 million.

Why no NASCAR 10?

Nascar10 is not being made because EA sports is not connecting with NASCAR.

Is sony going to make a playstation 10?

No they might not even name the PS3s replacement PS4

When was NASCAR Kart Racing created?

NASCAR Kart Racing was created on 2009-02-10.

Who manufactures Sony?

SONY, they make their own stuff.

What are the release dates for NASCAR Racers - 1999 Runaway 2-10?

NASCAR Racers - 1999 Runaway 2-10 was released on: USA: 10 March 2001

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