Will Messi go to arsenal

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: Will Messi go to arsenal
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How many goals has messi scored again Arsenal?

Lionel Messi has scored more than four goals against Arsenal.

Who was the arsenal player that never scored?

Messi is My favorite player from arsenal... But he has never scored a goal for arsenal

Will Lionel messi come to arsenal?

I highly doubt it.

Who was the arsenal player was sent off against Barcelona?

Lionel Messi : )

Is ranaldo better than messi?

no because messi did a hat-rick versing arsenal but c.ronaldo did not. also messi beated c.ronaldo. messi made it to the finals versing manchester united and c.ronaldo did not. so there you have it. messi is the best.

How many goals does Lionel messi have in this season?

The number of goals scored by Lionel Messi in 2009-10 is 37 by after Arsenal match.

Has messi ever scored a goal in England?

So far Messi has failed to score a goal in england. He has not scored in the arsenal game as well.

How many goals has messi scored for the 2009-2010 season?

37....a of 7th April 2010...after arsenal 4-0

Who is the best soccer player on your team?

My favorite teams are Arsenal. and the best player is Cesc Fabregas. At Barcelona it is Lionel Messi.

What day did messi score 4 goals in one game?

It was the second leg quarter final between Barcelona and Arsenal.

What nicknames does Lionel Messi go by?

Lionel Messi goes by La Pulga.

What teams go Messi?

Lionel Messi is in Barcelona FC (Football Club) in Spain.