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Q: Will Lita wrestle again
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When will lita wrestle again?

she is returning in 2009

Does lita still wrestle in the WWE?


Why doesnt lita wrestle anymore?

She is in a Punk Rock Band now. The Luchagors.

Is Lita going tobe on SVR 2009?

probably not cause she does not wrestle any more

Will Triple H be able to wrestle again?

Triple h may be able to wrestle again but nobody really knows.

Will the rock wrestle again?

Yes he is facing John Cena at wrestle mania 27

Is Shawn Michels going to wrestle again?

I don't know if Shawn Michaels is going to wrestle again i haven't heard any thing that he's not going to.

Is Bill Goldberg planning to wrestle again?

I recently spoke to Goldberg and he said ''maybe in the future i will wrestle again but for now i like just being a commentator''

Who is cm punk dating in 2012?

He is dating Lita again

Is Triple H going to wrestle again?


When will HBK wrestle again?

he is wrestling right now

Will john cena wrestle again?

Of course he will 8)

Will the Undertaker ever wrestle again in the WWE?

Yes, he will.

Will Marty Wright ever wrestle again?

Probably not

Will john cena come and wrestle again?


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Is lita the diva wrestler still alive?

Yes. She doesn't wrestle anymore she's the lead singer in a rock band and rumored to be dating CM Punk.

Does rob van dam wrestle anymore?

Nope. He is retired. Last interview I saw he said that he would never wrestle again.

Is stone cold Steve Austin ever going to wrestle again?

no,i dont think so because his previous nick injures and he is noe doing movies and he is to old to wrestle again but there is a chance

Is christopher danuiels going to wrestle as him self in tna again?

He is now !

Will the rock wrestle ever again?

Yes, he will. Probably very soon :)

Will Shawn Michaels wrestle again?

Yes, but in other Wrestling Company.

Will the undertaker ever wrestle again in a infernal match?

It's possible

Can Bret Hart Wrestle again?

yes. he came back in 2010

When will undertaker wrestle again?

not sure (he is taking time off though)