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Q: Will Jose mourihno come to Chelsea?
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Where is Jose mourihno signed as manager?

he has not worked since leaving chelsea.

How many trophies has Jose mourihno won?

He had lifted 21 trophies till the date.

List of managers to win the premiership?

Alex Ferguson Kenny Daglish Arsene Wenger Jose Mourihno

When is Jose Bosingwa of Chelsea returning from injury?

Jose Bosingwa of Portugal and Chelsea is still injured, so he will take more time.

Why did Jose mourinho get fired from Chelsea?

Jose Mourinho left Chelsea on September 20, 2007 "by mutual consent", although there were a series of disagreements between himself and Chelsea's chairman Roman Abramovich.

When did mourinho join Chelsea?

Jose Mourinho joined Chelsea in the 2004 season.

Which club did Jose mourinho leave to join Chelsea?

He left FC Porto to join Chelsea.

Who preceeded Jose mourinho at Chelsea?

Claudio Ranieri

What football team does Jose Mourinho support?


Where do Chelsea buns come from?

chelsea buns are from chelsea

Who wears shirt number 17 for Chelsea?

Jose Bosingwa

Did Jose Mourinho coach Chelsea?

Yes, from 2004-2007.